MLB Offseason!

Right now baseball is an awesome sport to watch, with all the trades, releases, free agents, the draft, etc!  Watching teams fight over one player is so much fun to watch and knowing that your favorite team is getting better or worse can be good or obviously bad.  The Tigers are losing a few players like Delmon Young, but have already replaced him with a stud and gold glover, Torri Hunter.  I like this pick up a lot and with Torri having the season he did last year, the Tigers will help him hit even better. 

Now, we need to find a second baseman, even though i like Santiago playing there, but he cant start there if the Tigers want to be good.  Our pitching is also a toss up right now due to the major contract that Sanchez wants.  I hope the tigers can figure out a way to get him, or find a third string pitcher that is close to his stature. 

Right now people are getting bought, traded , and released.  Other players are hitting the weights and waiting for the next season to take off so we can let the fun begin! Happy Offseason and Merry Christmas! 🙂


Tumbling Tigers Fall To Terrifying Giants

The Tigers of Detroit had there hands full this past week with a lineup full of Giants. Sandoval, who honestly looks like a beast, started the first game of the series with not just one homer, nope, not just two homers, but three homers! Justin Verlander started this game and finally was beaten in his long playoff stretch in which he had not been hardly touched. With the Giants having homefield advantage in their first two games, and winning both of the games, the Tigers looked lost.

The Giants won the first three games over the Tigers in the world series and the Tigers were trying to avoid the sweep! The last time the Tigers were swept in the world series happened in 1907! Well guess what?They were swept again but did not go down without a fight! Cabrera, the triple crown winner, finally woke up and hit a go ahead homerun. When the game looked to be in the Tigers favor, and all Tigers fans thinking, “Could this be the comeback we have been waiting for!?” The Giants strike right back with a home run to tie the game. In the 10th, Marco Scutaro’s base hit ended any hopes for the Tigers to win w world series.

So now what? What are we supposed to do. Delmon Young is a free agent, but so is Josh Hamilton. I say kick back, say your prayers, and hope that the Tigers can pick up a sweet outfielder to go with Fielder, Cabby, and the returning Martinez! Happy Off-season!

Tigers Clawing Away Pinstripes!

The Yankees of New York and The Detroit Tigers rained out October 17th, and are rescheduled to play the 18th at 4 o’clock pm.  With Detroit’s commanding three game lead over the hopeless Yankees, I have all intention that the Tigers can sweep them in the bare minimum first four games.


New York lost Derek Jeter, the shortstop and lead off batter for the Yankees, because of a fractured ankle in game one of the series.  Jeter is their leader, motivator, and spark plug in the lineup.  He had troubles with the same ankle earlier in the year due to a couple rolls and sprains but played through it!


Not only is Jeter out, but the veteran Alex Rodriguez is in another predictable postseason slump.  In all of his at bats in the playoffs, A-Rod and Robinson Cano only have two hits a piece!  Normally, these two guys bat at the heart of the line-up.  Now, the younger guys are trying to fill shoes that just is not going to cut it against the Tigers starters and their productivity the last month or two of ball.


Raul Ibanez has come through time after time this post season as a pinch hitter, but now with him starting in the lineup the Yankees have a few hot players that are swinging quite well.  The problem though is that the Tigers do everything the Yankees do…..AND MORE!  Game four is going to be a good test for both teams but watch out for those Tigs!  I see you 24!-Rod Allen

Detroit Tigers Playoff Run!

FSN Detroit is the channel i tend to be watching when i know my Tigers are on and playing the game i love.  I rarely miss a game and when i can not watch it, i always have my phone sending me updates about whats happening.

For those of you that do follow the Tigers, i am sure you were paying very close attention to them the past couple weeks while they were making their tremendous playoff run!  The Tigers had a shot, but it did not seem like it was going to come through. 

With only 12 games left in the regular season and they were over a game back from first place.  With other divisons teams having better records, there was no hope for a wildcard slot even if they came in second.  First place was the only way!  They needed to beat their conference rivals “Chicago White Sox” in the division or else the playoffs would only become a task for next year. 

Winnig 9 out of the 12 games progressed their standings over the White sox’s giving them the playoff spot!  With many Detroit fans energized and ready for more games ahead, the Tigers, as of right now, are two games up on their first opponent in postseason play, the Oakland Athletics. 

Right now shows coaches and other teams who is more focused, athletic, and experienced!  The best of the best show up in the clutch and the others pack their bags for a long, unhappy bus ride home.  Good Luck Tigers, go get em!  

The Road To The Show

Baseball is a game of hardwork, dedication, and goals. Almost all small children want to be professional athletes or be some sort of “star.” What does it take to get to that point? How much work does it take? It takes everything you have and more. Baseball players will always be my idols no matter how old i am. It all starts in minor and little league baseball, working your way up to high school ball where your maturity level hits and starts to change your body. Some guys do not see this set of chane until their college years. What i mean by this is the velocity of your throwing, bat speed, and agility increases very rapidly.

Throughout high school, college coaches and scouts tend to notice you and your stats. Occasionally there are players that are seen by major league scouts and skip the collegiate level and go right to the pros. These people, i believe, are very blessed! What about after college ball? Maybe you get picked up by a european team or even a single or double aa ball franchise.

The number one way of getting to the big leagues is working out and training in the off season. It plays such a big role in athletes lives. Working hard for what you want is important in my life. I am just like any other college player that wants to keep playing ball. Believe in yourself, work hard, and get the shot at the big leagues no matter what sport, job, or activity you do.  In the words of my favorite brand “Nike” – Just do it.

Baseball: America’s Pastime

Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Al Kaline, Sammi Sosa….Trust me, i can go all day on the greatest Major League players of all time.  What about college baseball?  Some of the biggest challenges people face is playing collegiate sports and minor league ball waiting for their shot at the “Big Leagues.”  For example, Justin Verlander, one of the young pitchers playing right now that sports lovers believe will be one of the greatest if not THE greatest player of all time, played college ball at Old Dominion before being drafted by the Tigers.

What about today’s players?  With today’s new “swag” version of baseball has changed the sport and new ballplayers have risen from different styles.  I can not believe how the game has developed withing the last 20 years.  I mean, back handed plays in the hole, badly thrown balls being scooped, pro’s do it effortlessly.

Do you love the game of baseball?  What do you love about it?  Sitting at the games in extremely hot conditions, listening to the echoing yells of the peanut and beer vendors?  Maybe you are a ball junky and try to catch as many batting practice balls as you possibly can, or try to get everything signed by your favorite ball players.

I play baseball at Saginaw Valley State University and my goal is do all of these things.  Ok, maybe not what Barry Bonds did or any of those hall of famers, but i want to make it to the “Big Show” and compete with all the baseball superstars that play the game today.